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In home care insurance options

count on our experienced staff to guide you step by step

Long Term Care Insurance

We can assist in processing paperwork necessary to initiate and open the Long Term Care Policy claim.

Private Pay

Ask us how to create a plan that will fit your financial needs and the needs of your loved one.

Veterans Insurance

Veterans and their surviving spouses may qualify for benefits to cover some of the cost of in-home care.


Our services are customized to the specific needs and wants of our seniors.

We work closely with the family to create the perfect care plan.

Conversation & Companionship

Southwest Health Care Services provides clients, companionship, engaging in daily conversation, and  social interaction, to enhance their daily living and mental stimulation.

We all benefit from understanding the common communication habits of the elderly, including their lack of urgency and tendencies to wander off  a topic.

Meal Preparation

We provide hot nutritious meals, allowing client to help with preparation according to their mobility. Seniors tend to get quick meals not always a well balanced nutritious meal, which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We encourage our clients to have adequate  hydration, unless there is a fluid restriction ordered by a physician.

Light Housekeeping

We provide vacuum, dusting, sweeping, and tidying up after personal care services such as bathing, and meal preparation. Keeping a neat environment makes a client feel better and creates a healthier home. No outdoor cleaning or maintenance. We suggest families hire a licensed cleaning service when major cleaning is needed.


We provide our clients with linen changes, and personal laundry including bath towels and items used in the daily client care needs. Items are washed, dried and put away as time allows. We can also provide ironing if needed. We involve the client on their preference.


Grocery Shopping and Errands

We shop for groceries at the stores of the client's preference and can run errands, such as picking up prescriptions and facilitate and home grocery delivery services. We place the order online for delivery by a local grocer. The stores that provide this service do have a nominal fee for delivery.

Transportation / Shopping

Southwest Health Care Services provides transportation for clients, such as medical appointments, beauty salons, barber shops, shopping etc. Getting seniors out of the house enhances their mind, spirit, and many times motivates them to really enjoy a day. We can often accommodate special requests.

Medication Reminder

We provide care management with a minimum of 20 hours a week of care. This service is coordinated with the client's Physician and other professionals to ensure the best care plan. We offer medication reminders and monitor compliance.

24-Hour Care

Client needs vary, at times continuous care is necessary when they are at risk if left unattended. Care can be at a 2-hour Minimal Care Rate, 4-hour minimum Standard Rate or 24-hour assistance. Shift work is coordinated by Southwest Health Care Services. Many times this is needed for Hospice care.

Respite Care or Relief for Families

Respite Care is a wonderful way to give relief to a family member who needs to run errands, go shopping, or get some needed rest. It also helps them to still engage in the activities they have always been a part of, while still fulfilling the care they want to provide to their family member.





We love what we do!

Our experienced and caring professionals have been serving seniors in San Diego County since 1987.



We provide our seniors with the right amount of help needed, while still encouraging independent living in their own home environment.


All caregivers get full criminal background checks, are fingerprinted, bonded, insured, have worker's compensation & are registered with the state.








Satisfied clients
& family members



    It is very common to see a loved one needing help or slipping in memory... and when asked, they state they do not need any help.


    Sitting down with Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother or Grandfather and voicing your concerns is a good idea.


    Ask for their permission to help; start with a suggestion of care for 1 or 2 times a week with a re-evaluation after a week or two weeks. This may be the starting point towards having more help for a longer period of time.




    Seeing that a loved one is not caring for themselves, such as not bathing, clothes are unkept, losing weight, missed medications, Physician's appointments are forgotten about, may be the clues that something is just not the same.


    It may be time to contact the loved one's Physician. Make an appointment and offer to accompany your loved one.


    Forwarding your concerns to the Physician in advance will enable them to better assess the patient to see if there is anything out of the norm going on physically or cognitively.




    Your loved one has been put on Hospice care at home and the significant other cannot provide all the care needed. Hospice provides a full scope of services and even critical care/pain management care for a limited time.


    If care is needed in addition to their services, daily custodial care might help, especially through the emotional and stressful circumstances that a family is going through.


    Southwest Health Care Services, Inc. provides custodial care when necessary due to Hospice not being present on an hour to hour basis unless the patient is under critical care.




    Some seniors are at home and feeling isolated and unable to drive. Perhaps they have lost their significant other, or their own driver's license.


    In this instance a Personal Care Attendant can provide transportation and accompany the individual to outings, such as the Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


    Engaging the senior in an outing even as simple as the grocery store, and/or helping them with meal preparation can boost their spirits and the interaction will help them not to feel so isolated or alone.




    Sometimes adult children who have invited their parents to live with them begin to feel their life is no longer their own.


    The roles are reversed from when they were a child, and their parents now need direction. Respite care might be what is needed to enable the adult child to take time out with their spouse or family.


    A night out or a weekend away with full knowledge and comfort that their parent is well taken care of by an experienced caregiver can relieve the pressures of daily activities required for mom and dad.


    Unfortunately, conversations about preparing for senior care needs often do not happen. Seniors often have a difficult time expressing their needs, wishes and preferences. They need an advocate for them in many instances.


    The advocate best qualified is the family who knows them best. In most families, there is usually one sibling by desire or default, or simply based on location to their aging parent, that becomes the main caregiver.


    When choosing the most appropriate care for a parent, there are many questions to ask oneself and decisions to consider and plan for. Consulting with the physician of the aging parent is sometimes a good way to start when approaching them on needing some care in the home.


    Read a few common scenarios and tips that will help you know when and how to start the discussion of hired help or in-home care.


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Founded by Jessie A. Berryman in 1987 with the commitment to offer the highest level of care to our local seniors, Southwest Health Care Services continues the tradition of professionalism and dedication. Personally caring for you or your loved one's needs in home with dignity and respect.  Being your advocate in your healthcare needs.

Linda Berryman, LVN

Linda is an experienced LVN In-Home Care, Home Health, Psychiatric and Behavioral Health, along with dual diagnosis in addiction.


Linda is the daughter of the Founders.

Rebecca Cervantez

Rebecca is a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Home Health Aide. She has had the privilege to assist Seniors in their activities of daily living and finds it rewarding to hear the stories and memories they have. She enjoys being an advocate for Seniors.




We are owned and operated by caring professionals who have had many years of experience in home care. We are family owned and operated. We have proudly served the San Diego Area since 1987. Our caregivers come to us with a wealth of experience, many from skilled nursing facility backgrounds, other medical professions and, are looking for a more flexible work schedule. Many caregivers have certification training such as CNA's (Certified nurses' assistants) NA's (nurse assistants) and Personal Care Attendants who also have experience in one to one care. We have no upfront fees or deposits required. Our office staff is comprised of staffing coordinators who are Care Managers who professionally evaluate each client's case needs, and care concerns.



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Southwest Health Care Services, Inc.

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